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Easy Swing Golf Testimonials

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Coaching - Individuals

Client Testimonial - Kevin Rowe

" I was concerned that the coach would change lots of things with my golf swing and I would be totally confused. "

Initially I was very apprehensive about having a lesson, as after having numerous lessons with different golf coaches over the past 30 years, I always ended up totally confused and disappointed with the results.

The coaches all did the same things like, adjusting your grip, swing, stance, ball position, follow through, head position etc.

Trying to remember and do all these things while playing and making adjustments when they didn't work made golf very difficult.

And here's what I found:

Jon is very different to all of the other golf coaches I have ever been to.

His approach is very simple and he doesn't try to change everything you do or fill your head with countless things to do.

He identifies any problem very quickly (after a few swings of the club), then just makes a few tweaks and the improvement is immediate.

It gives you such great pleasure to be instantly hitting a good shot that goes long and straight with far less effort.

I have now gone to Jon for help with my game on and off for over 5 years and he always puts me at ease and I play much better after each lesson.

Client Testimonial - Delia Sickerdich

" I have been playing golf for approximately 9 months (after a few lessons) but, frustratingly, showing no improvement.

In fact, I've slowly been getting worse!  "

A friend recommended I have a few lessons with Jon whom she said was an excellent teacher.

And here's what I found:

I recently had my first golf lesson on chipping with Jon and could not believe what a difference it made.

His method of teaching is simple and easy to understand and after only one session I was chipping confidently near the hole.

Chipping was something I had previously dreaded with my shots going all over the place, often even over the green itself.

I'm really looking forward to my next lesson and then getting out on the course with much more confidence and enjoyment! 

Coaching - Group

Special Olympics

" Easy Swing Golf has been providing golf clinics for our Special Olympics clients (students with an Intellectual Disability) for the past three years.

These clinics have been absolutely perfect for our clients.

It has given them the opportunity to easily try a sport that they normally do not have access to, in a safe and fun environment.

The sense of accomplishment and enjoyment that the students feel is priceless and is evident as they quickly learn to hit the ball in the air at the target.

We at Special Olympics South Australia have no hesitation in recommending Easy Swing Golf for an effective and enjoyable golf experience. "

Nicolle Hancock
Community Development Coordinator
Special Olympics South Australia

Burnside Council Residents Group

Events - Golf Tours / Golf Getaways